Please forgive the sparse design of this website - a simple document depository at present.

The Mission of this website is to serve as a catalyst for integrating and supplementing information supportive of sustainable, learning community development in Oak Ridge, Tennessee, USA and beyond.

The Immediate Purpose is to assist one Experimental Prototype Learning Focused Community Development Catalyst in finding the people with whom to collaborate, and generating the necessary resources, for this site to add significant value to local learning community development efforts, in ways that can be easily replicated in other communities and organizations. For more details, see:
  • 3Qs (An offer to serve as a potential catalyst for helping you transcend a major obstacle to achieving one of your most important goals)
  • My3Qs (David Sperry's answers to the 3Qs he is giving you an opportunity to answer)
  • David Sperry Resume (Life Focus / Indicator of intrapreneurial initiative & capacity version)
  • David Sperry Resume (Life Focus / Collaborative Storytelling Project version)
  • References Material (including previous historical community development efforts and personal references).
Contact: CommunityDevelopmentCatalyst